thankyama'am (saradina) wrote,

stefan says i need to write in here. so here goes ..

i finally graduate tom. tonight me and stefan went and got shoes and a slip for me to wear tom. i made him wear the slip in wal mart. and then we dry humped. and then we got stromboli from latuccas. and sobe from turkey hill. and then we ate stromboli and watched constantine. then we had lovey time. and then we went to ritas. then he brought me home. he also leaves me surprises in my car while im at work. like cry baby. and laguna beach in a box of silvery purple rose petals. and a smelly candle. and cards that say how much he misses and loves me. and one time himself in my backseat. and i just realized today is our 1 year and 8 months. im also going to post this bc it made me laugh lots :

LESA101255 [10:55 P.M.]: Hey girl wuzz up
Saradina x [10:57 P.M.]: hi
Saradina x [10:58 P.M.]: not too much .. you
LESA101255 [10:58 P.M.]: Hole bunches of lots
LESA101255 [11:00 P.M.]: got married did Summie share
Saradina x [11:00 P.M.]: yeah i heard .. congratulations
LESA101255 [11:01 P.M.]: Tx am very happy
Saradina x [11:01 P.M.]: thats good
LESA101255 [11:01 P.M.]: I thinn k so
LESA101255 [11:04 P.M.]: So how r U
Saradina x [11:05 P.M.]: pretty good
LESA101255 [11:05 P.M.]: going nighty night, just wanted to say hI
LESA101255 [11:06 P.M.]: lUV U TAKE CARE
Saradina x [11:06 P.M.]: goodnight
LESA101255 [11:06 P.M.]: And keep in touch
LESA101255 [11:06 P.M.]: Toodles

yes .. that is my ex's mother. she randomly im'd after i havent seen or talked to her in almost 2 yrs.
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