thankyama'am (saradina) wrote,

the last thing i wrote was so negative i just needed to write something a little more positive.

sat. was a great night. i got out of work at 8 and went to the liquor store w/ stefan. after a few or many shots of watermelon vodka and soco and lime we were drunk. we walked to the park and swang on the swings and talked about all sorts of stuff. we went swimming in freezing cold water and had FUN! it was just such a great night and made me so thankful and happy to be w/ him. and it makes me happy to know that even after a year and nine months we still have fun w/ each other.

im so happy right now. i have an amazing man in my life, i have a well paying job, im liking the ppl i work w/, im losing weight!! im soon gonna buy a new car, i turn 21 in a few weeks, i have things to look forward to in my future like getting married and buying a house and making babies. im just really happy with my life right now.
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