thankyama'am (saradina) wrote,

i love when i call someone and ask if they wanna do something and they say "SURE" only to call you back 30 mins later to inform you they found something better to do.

i think its pathetic when you call someone and ask them to have a baby shower for you. first of all a baby shower is something someone else has for you to be nice, you shouldnt ask for it, second its pretty ironic you totally shit talk someone and say how you dont want to be around them when your pregnant bc they cause OH SO MUCH stress in your life and then be all nice to them bc you want their mom to have your baby shower. P A T H E T I C.

yes. im in a bad mood.

if this pisses you off, GOOD!

abbi .. i still love you.

now im going to write my surgical follow thru and wait for stefan to call and say hes back from hershey and hopefully go over and sleep w/ him .. literally.

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