thankyama'am (saradina) wrote,

sooooooo ..
me and stefan were bored tonight
we were driving around
i decided to go get applications at places
went to healthsouth
walked down to manor care
was filling out my application at manor care
they said they wanted to talk to me
some guy talked to me
took me on a tour
the main lady in charge then interviewed me
i was wearing jeans and a hoodie
and my hair was all messed up from the walk
she asked me lots of questions
like ..
what do you see when someone is having an MI ..
a CVA ..
a PE ..
a DVT ..
pnuemonia ..
a UTI ..
what is a PT/INR done for ..
what are the newest antibiotics ..
she said she was impressed
and offered me the job
$15/hr then $16 when i get my license
i accepted
i have the best FIANCE ever
he waited for an hr in the lobby
bc he loves me
and im gonna buy him all the corndogs he wants!
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